Step 1 - Contact A LAWYER
Contact a lawyer and arrange for the signed Agreement of Purchase and Sale to be delivered to us as soon as possible so that we have time to complete all of the necessary searches. Please make sure you include any amendments and waivers.

Step 2 - Satisfy any outstanding conditions
Please ensure that you satisfy any conditions in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale including the delivery of a survey if applicable, within the specific time frames. 

Step 3 - Arrange your mortgage
You are responsible for arranging your mortgage and ensuring that the lender delivers a copy of the mortgage instructions to our office. Give the lender the name, address, telephone number and fax of your lawyer.

Step 4 - Give notice if you are a Tenant
Tenants of rental properties must give 60 days notice on a proper written notice form. Don't forget to arrange for any return of monies you have on deposit! 

Step 5 - Arrange Fire Insurance
You are responsible for arranging Fire Insurance, as we will not be able to close your transaction without proof of insurance from your insurance broker. The insurance agent must provide us with a "binder letter" before closing, showing the name of the insuring company, the amount of coverage, its expiration date and the name of any lenders as loss payee. If you don’t have an insurance agent, simply ask us.

Step 6 - Confirm new utility accounts
YOUR LAWYER will contact the water, hydro and gas companies to have the meters read on closing, however, it is your responsibility to call the utility companies to set up the new accounts in your name prior to closing. Please note, arranging for telephone and cable television services are also your responsibility.

Step 7 - Arrange your move
Whether you plan to hire a mover or rent a moving truck, you should make arrangements to do so as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to get estimates from different companies. Look for companies that are flexible - specific closing times are not guaranteed. As a general rule, you should plan to be moving out by noon and moving in sometime after 3:00pm. Please do not start moving in before we advise you that your transaction is complete.

Step 8 - Arrange change of address
Change of address notification is important not only to friends and relatives, but everyone from the post office to magazine subscriptions to business associates. Don’t forget to have your provincial drivers license amended as well.


Step 9 - Document Execution
YOUR LAWYER will contact you the week of the closing, to arrange a convenient time to execute all documents. At this time, we’ll advise you of the balance of funds necessary for closing. 

If you are purchasing you will have to bring in the balance of money due on closing, if any, by certified cheque or bank draft payable to your lawyer, IN TRUST. If you are selling they will require you to bring a key to the property.

*** When attending the lawyers office to sign any documentation you must bring with you two piece of identification one must be a photo identification. ***

Step 10 - Get the Key
On closing, your lawyer will attend to all necessary steps to complete your transaction. Upon receiving all funds due for closing, the balance owing to the Vendor will be paid and we’ll acquire the keys to your new home! We will then register your title by way of a Transfer/Deed of Land. Once we call you and as soon as you pick the keys up from our office, you can move in.

Congratulations !