Closing Preparation

If you are buying a home, you should prepare the following items before you contact YOUR LAWYERS office:

1. Provide your real-estate agent with your lawyer's name, phone and fax numbers, so that your agent can provide the Lawyer with the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Note that it is a good idea to make yourself a separate list or schedule of the conditions of the offer--such as financing, a home inspection and any special considerations that are part of the offer--so that you remain aware of any time sensitive material that could cause the offer to expire. You will also need to inform the Lawyer when you waive any conditions that are part of the offer.

2. Provide your bank or lender with your lawyer's name, phone and fax numbers, so that your lender can provide us with all necessary mortgage documentation. We will need to know:

Name of the institution


Contact person

Reference or docket number

Please ask your lender to send this information to your lawyer a few weeks prior to the closing date in order to facilitate the closing.

3. Your contact information - provide us with your phone numbers where you can be reached.

4. Names and dates of birth - we will need the name and date of birth of each person that is to appear on your title to the property. Please ensure that you also apply for your mortgage in the same names as you require to be owners on title. Please confirm that you have Photo ID in these names.

5. Confirm your spousal status (e.g. single, married, common-law spouses, divorced, separated, etc.)

6. If you are purchasing a property with another person, inform us which of the following you prefer:


Joint tenants: if one purchaser dies, the property will automatically transfer to the other

Tenants in common: each purchaser owns a percentage interest in the property. When one purchaser dies, that person's share of the property goes to his/her heirs, and falls under the directions of a will.


7. Let your lawyer know if you (and/or your purchasing partner) is a first-time home buyer. If so, you may qualify for a land transfer tax rebate.

8. Ensure that fire insurance is placed on the property prior to closing, and have your insurance broker provide us with an insurance binder prior to closing.

9. If you are purchasing a new home (i.e. from the builder), provide us with a copy of the Ontario New Home Warranty Inspection Certificate prior to closing.

10. If you are purchasing a rental property, provide us with the forwarding address.

11. If the property you are purchasing includes a well and septic system, you will need water/septic certificates for your lender. These are usually available from the seller and may form a condition of your purchase.

12. For your final (closing) appointment, you will need to bring in a certified cheque or bank draft payable to "TO YOUR LAWYER, In Trust ". We will provide you with the exact amount of the payment. You will also have to produce two pieces of identification, one being photo ID. (OHIP CARD is not acceptable)