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Meet The Hilson's

We will provide the best possible service to each and every client

We will never tell a client what they want to hear if it is not a reality. We will never enter into a client relationship when we know that what they expect cannot be achieved in good faith.
Even at the risk of losing a client we are truthful, in the long run our honesty will prevail.

And to be the best REALTOR we can possibly be, to ensure the highest level of service, integrity and knowledge possible. To do this, we have committed to being reachable 24 hrs a day with a call back response of 15 minutes or less. This we do not do because of our client’s expectations, but because of our commitment to service.

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Teri Lynn & Norm Hilson

'Our Personal Marketing Plan'

Getting the MOST out of Your Listings - by fully utilizing the extended Multiple Listings System (MLS), your home is presented to the largest possible audience of prospective buyers plus  by registering your home with the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and Toronto real estate boards, your blanket of MLS coverage extends from Hamilton to Toronto, exposing your home to over 30,000 active sales representatives.

Getting the BEST Exposure - through regular sales representative and customer open houses as well as dedicated internet websites including, , We can provide maximum direct exposure of your home.

Keeping You INFORMED - by providing regular  reports on your property, you always know the status of all activities related to the sale of your home –  communication is the key.

 Getting you RESULTS - with our expert negotiating skills, market knowledge and  sales experience, We can help you price and sell, evaluate offers, navigate through the purchase and sale agreement and ensure you the kind of results you need and want.


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