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5 issues you'll miss without a home inspection

In hot housing markets, buyers sometimes offer to waive the inspection to help their offer stand out from the crowd. But most real estate professionals agree this is a bad idea. Here's 5 reasons why.

Mice and insects are easy and fairly inexpensive to treat, but the damage they leave behind isn’t always. A good inspector can identify termites, carpenter ants and other critters. Replacing or repairing the damage can be costly. Knowing about it before you move in is key.

Structural Defects:
Pests, settling or poor construction can cause serious problems and lower your home’s value over time. Many times this damage isn’t immediately visible to the untrained eye.

Electrical Wiring:  
Improper, rusted or other problems with a home’s wiring can lead to serious dangers and expensive repairs. Because most of the wiring is covered, it takes a professional inspection to identify potential problems. 

Mold is a common problem and proper removal can be very expensive. Savvy sellers will often cover visible signs of mold with paint, carpeting or tile. They may also be unaware of mold lurking behind walls and cabinets. A trained home inspector can alert you to potential problems and allow you to request further inspections.

Depending on the type of roof on a house, it has to be replaced every 10-50 years. While it doesn’t have to be done very often, it is a huge expense. And, an improperly replaced roof can lead to water damage, premature aging and other serious problems. Your home inspection will alert you to potential problems, such as damage from insects and other pests, and whether or not you will need to replace the roof in the near future. Because the roof isn’t easily visible when you look at the home, the inspection may be the only chance you have to gather this information.

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